Celebrating 28 years of excellence in education!

River Valley's experienced staff has been making a difference for a wide variety of students from college prep to those not yet reaching their potential.

Is your student like one of these?

"My son was slipping through the cracks before. Because of the team approach at River Valley, which kept me informed and showed me how to support his learning at home, he became an honor student!" (He's showing his 100% papers in this picture.) 

"Although my daughter had been very involved at school - even traveling to Australia with a school group, she became discouraged and ready to give up. Then I found River Valley's Independent Study Plus Program. They not only gave her the encouragement to finish high school, but she also became goal oriented. Now she is doing very well in college working toward a nursing degree! I recommend River Valley to all of my friends!"

A series of problems plagued my son's academic career. He was diagnosed with ADD years ago and really had difficulty concentrating in a classroom environment. When a friend told me how River Valley had helped her daughter go from ready-to-give-up to a goal-oriented high school graduate already enrolled in college, I had to check it out! It really worked! My shy son felt comfortable asking questions and finally got the help he needed! Although he had severe math phobia, he even earned an A in algebra! And finally, after injuries that would have cost him more lost time and instruction, because he was enrolled at River Valley's Independent Study Plus Program, he was able to continue learning at home and graduate on schedule!"

"My grades were really low and I was headed in the wrong direction. At River Valley I became an honor student, and as a high school senior I took college level trigonometry and chemistry at American River College! Thank you, River Valley!"